Monday, February 6, 2012

Carole Finds a Mother

Lady by Choice from 1934 is an absolute delight.  In it, Carole Lombard plays fan dancer Alabam (Georgia) Lee, who finds herself in court as the same time as Patsy Patterson (May Robson), a former entertainer turned homeless drunkard.  Patsy has friends, however - Judge Daly (Walter Connolly) and Johnny Mills (Roger Pryor), a wealthy young man whose father requested he always look after Patsy.  Patsy, Like Alabam, is a gutsy lady, who speaks her mind. As a result, when Alabam's agent convinces her to adopt a mother (for the publicity), it is Patsy she selects.  And Patsy, who immediately adores Alabam, tries to change her new daughter's life for the better, but not always with the best of results.
May Robson is just adorable.  She gets most of the good lines, and you want to take her home with you.  Lombard's role is also quite rich.  Alabam is a kind, gentle soul; she loves deeply, and is a caring person. Badly used  by her agent, she finds herself almost penniless, but still tries to support Patsy's goals, to make her a legitimate performer, despite her lack of self-confidence. We have, of course, some romantic complications.  Alabam falls in love with Johnny Mills, but Patsy thinks that Alabam is after him for his money.  It causes some strife, but all comes right in the end!

This is one that I think most people have not seen. Give it a try. I think you will find it is worth your time. We'll leave you with a scene with Ms. Lombard and Ms. Robson.

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