Monday, March 8, 2010

Foreign Language Film Interlude

On a recommendation, we broke up our festivals with a foreign film, Babette's Feast.  The story of two sisters in a remote Danish village, who give up their chances at love to work with their father in his religious ministry.  The sisters, at the request of a soldier who once loved one of them, take in a refugee from France, Babette Hursant (Stephane Audran), who becomes their housekeeper.  The sisters begin by teaching Babette how to cook THEIR way (and it is pretty revolting-looking), but gradually, Babette begins to cook her way, making their simple fare that much better. Years pass, and Babette comes into a sum of money.  The sisters, sure Babette is about to leave, accede to her request to cook them one great meal to celebrate the 100 anniversary of their late father's birth.  The entire ministry is invited, and Babette prepares a meal-to-end-all meals.  

This is a lovely movie; we felt very sorry for the sisters, who seem to almost have no choice than to stay buried in this barren wasteland of a village.  Their food is atrocious - salted fish and bland bread.  Only Babette's presence adds a little spice to their culinary life.  Contrast the scene where Babette makes their first meal, per their instructions, to the feast she later prepares - and the looks on the attendees faces as they sample these delicacies for the first (and possibly last) time in their lives. 

Certainly a movie worth a viewing. We heartily recommend it.  And here's a trailer to introduce you to the film:

Next week, we start a new festival of Hollywood movies.

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