Monday, July 20, 2009


Hello!  The Movie Night Group started many years ago - Once a week, some friends and I get together and watch classic films. We try to do "themes". Just recently, we discussed my blogging our discussion, as a record for us, and to share our opinions with all of you. So, after our "Movie Night", I'll get back to you on our discussion. 

Talullah Bankhead in The CheatRight now, we are revisiting PreCode films (we've previously done both of the Forbidden Hollywood sets), and are using the Universal Pre-Code Hollywood Collection for our viewing. We started with The Cheat, starring Tallulah Bankhead. Our reaction - WOW! It's rather over-the-top: Bankhead as a compulsive gambler who gets herself entangled with a sadist.  

We were fascinated with Irving Pichel who plays our villain, Hardy Livingstone. (Mr. Pichel later went on to be a director. Among his films was Santa Fe with Randolph Scott). Mr. Pichel's Hardy starts out appearing rather effete, but turns out to be a sadistic maniac.  Mr. Pichel was wonderful, making the change from ladies' man to sadist seamlessly.  

We were also amazed by a photo that is in the dvd box that is NOT in the film. It's very sensational - obviously shot to publicize the movie. It's also not in the movie (and couldn't be. I won't tell you why.)

I hope you get to see this movie. It's interesting, and not a bit boring. And, quite intense. You might be surprised!

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