Monday, May 3, 2010

Olivia & Errol & Rosalind & Patric

This week, our movie is the 1938 comedy Four's a Crowd.  Olivia plays Lorri Dillingwell, the daughter of a wealthy businessman.  She is engaged to publisher Patterson Buckley (Patric Knowles), who is being forced to shut down his newspaper. Jean Christy (Rosalind Russell), a reporter about to lose her job, decided to entice former reporter (and now successful PR man) Robert Kensington Lansford (Errol Flynn) back to the paper.  Easier said than done, of course; Bob decides to use Pat as a means to potential client Dillingham (thought Lorri, of course). Jean is in love with Bob; Pat is in love with Lorri; Lorri develops a mad crush on Bob. And Bob? Well, we THINK he loves Jean. Or maybe he loves Lorri. Or maybe he just is in it for the money.  We're not exactly sure for quite a while.  But, it's a WB comedy, so it all turns out right in the end (and I won't tell you who ends up with whom.  You'll have to watch the film).

Sure, this is a little piece of fluff. Rather silly at times, but with such wonderful actors, how can you go wrong? Olivia is back playing a character very similar to Marcia West in It's Love I'm After - somewhat silly, and rather easily swayed.  Errol Flynn gets to be decidedly silly - the scenes of him running from the dogs that guard the Dillingham mansion are a riot (and it doesn't hurt that we get to see him without his shirt. The man had QUITE a nice physique).  

Rosalind Russell is very adorable as Jean, who knows what she wants, but can't seem to quite get him into her grasp.  And while none of us are particular fans of Patric Knowles as a rule, he's actually pretty good here.  He manages to hold his own, for the most part, with this powerhouse of talent.   

As always, we see some nice character parts - Walter Connolly as Mr. Dillingham, is, as always, very funny. And Margaret Hamilton as Amy, who would easily walk on hot coals for Bob.  Both actors it is a pleasure to see.  We do get to see a lot of Connolly. Not enough of Hamilton.

Next week, we'll be watching something none of use were familiar with: Call it a Day. In the meantime, here's a trailer to introduce you to the characters:

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