Monday, April 1, 2013

Double-0 Connie

Carla Vanirska (Constance Bennett) is trying to get a train ticket to Vienna.  The lines are so terrible, she cannot get near the ticket office.  Enter Captain Rudolph Ritter (Gilbert Roland), who offers his assistance.  He is hoping to accompany her on the train, but at a stop, she disappears into the night.  The problem? She's an enemy agent, spying on his military forces during the First World War.  After Tonight (1933) looks at the life of an espionage agent, and the problems faced when she gets much too close to the enemy.

Constance Bennett makes an excellent spy.  She is beautiful and clever.  No one suspects that the lovely nurse could possibly be the agent K-14 that everyone is seeking.  She is also daring.  Even when she suspects a trap, she goes to a rendezvous, on the off chance that this might be a real meeting.  Gilbert Roland is also excellent as the army officer who loves Carla.  You do sympathize with both of these people, wanting Carla to escape, yet wanting her to remain with Rudolph.

We were also intrigued with all the spy paraphernalia that gets used: invisible ink, the messages hidden in books and jewelry, creaky steps that signal the possible intrusion of the enemy.  A good use of all the spy games made the film even more enjoyable.

The movie has an especially well-done ending.  We can't tell you what it is; we don't want to spoil it for you.  But, we think you will like it.

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