Monday, March 4, 2013

Gumshoe Joan, R.N.

A hospital nurse, bored with the day-to-day routine, is offered the opportunity to do private duty nursing. At last, she says, something different!  And so, our heroine, Miss Adams (Joan Blondell) ends up in the home of a young man who just committed suicide, taking care of his elderly, ailing, aunt (Elizabeth Patterson).  Only Detective Patten (George Brent) suspects murder, and having an agent in the house to observe the comings and goings of those potentially close to the victim would be a godsend. Thus, our heroine gets the adventure of her life becoming Miss Pinkerton (1932).

This is a fun, if somewhat convoluted movie.  The ending does kinda feel like the author wasn't QUITE sure how to end it, and a murder victim was culled from a number of choices. Regardless, it works.  And Joan Blondell is delightful as our detective/nurse.  She's smart, and brave (there's a bit of screaming, and at least one faint, but she does pretty well, given her naivety).  George Brent (without his mustache) is fun here; there's not enough of him, though. 

This is a film that requires a bit of attention, so if you watch it, don't leave the room.  You'll likely miss something.  It's fast paced.  And you really don't want to miss a moment of Joan Blondell.  She always got something amusing to say!  Just to get your ready, here is a brief trailer:


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